Take a long deep breath. 

Exhale fully....


Trust and prepare to Submit. Your adventure starts here and you have finally found exactly who you have been searching for.

I invite you to enter my exclusive world of pleasure and pain. I will guide you into A domain that mentally manipulates your psyche and leads you into a physical playground full of fun excitement, fear and fantasy.  

About Me

I’m a complex, yet grounded dominant femme fatale Goddess. My personality has many spectrum’s, from deeply spiritual and well learned, to a bratty bitch who always gets what she wants. I play each character dependant on what I know will trigger you.

I ’m physically fit, health conscious, a fashion hobbyist and well-connected. I am educated in psychology practiced at reading people’s minds,body language and energy. I’m certified in Reiki, Personal Training have a degree in business and marketing And am a qualified NLP Practitioner. Neuro linguistic programming has not only been used as a psychotherapeutic tool it is also used to gain influence over other people.
It takes someone extremely special to actualize alpha female qualities and traits. It takes holistic education, emotional intelligence a non conformist attitude And A delicate balance between cut-throat cruelty and deeply warming and seductive sensuality that’s perfectly executed and timed .

I conduct my sessions in a spacious and discreet suburban location with plentiful safe parking, bath and shower facilities. There are always toiletries, fresh towels and refreshments available. I have a Private well equip t and designed BDSM home Boudoir Studio as well as a domestic standard setting for those who like a little less of a dungeon theme.
I cater to all ages, sexual identities, cultures, religions, genders, shapes, sizes and of course people with a lack of physical or mental capabilities. 

Please take the time to read all pages of this website thoroughly to make sure that your interests are compatible with mine.
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